Orange County, CA VA Loans | Can’t Find Your DD214? Here’s How to Get it.

It is important for Orange County, CA Veterans who are looking to take advantage of the VA loan programs 100% financing option first get their Certificate of Eligibility. But how do they do that? First, you must be able to provide your DD214- Report of Separation.

What if an Orange County, CA VA Loan Borrower has lost their DD214?

If you cannot find your DD214 (because you put it in a very safe place?), there is an easy way to get a new copy. You could go to a local VA office, but the best and easiest thing to do is go to Archives.Gov/Veterans/Evetrecs. Veterans will be able to request a copy online.  This service is even available to next of kin of deceased military members.

I have my DD214. Now What Do I do to Get my Certificate of Eligibility?

The easiest way to get your Certificate of Eligibility is to go to an Orange County, CA Direct VA Lender who has access to the Veterans Information Portal (VIP), that only an approved VA lender can access.  Your lender will be able to get the COE with minutes. (That’s why this is the easiest way to do it.) Also, using the a lender to get your COE does not mean you are forced to used that lender. You are still able to go to another lender at any time. If the lender is not able to get the COE online, then the Veteran will need to complete Request for a Certificate of Eligibility Form (form 26-1880), which the lender can provide. Also, the Veteran will need to provide their DD214 as disucssed above. Current Active Duty Service Members will need to provide a Statement of Service from their commanding officer. With this informtion the lender will be able to request the Certificate of Eligibility through a slightly different process on the VIP portal.

The alternative is the Veteran can request their COE by regular mail by sending the 26-1880 and DD214 to: VA Eligibility Center, P.O. Box 20729, Winston-Salem, NC 27120.

Once the Veteran has their COE, they are ready to begin the home search process. There has not been a better time in many years to buy a home in Orange County. Orange County First Time Home Buyers who are taking advantage of the FHA and VA loan programs are finding out quickly that they are able to buy a home and have a very reasonable payment as compared to what they could get for the same rental payment. The VA loan limits in Orange County, CA are higher than ever before at $737,500 for 100% financing. (Orange County, CA FHA loan limits are also very higher at $727,750) The most important thing an Orange County, CA home buyer can do is get PreApproved for a mortgage before making an offer on a home.

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