Orange County Home Buyers Eligible for VA Financing Have Big Advantage Purchasing Condo’s

In 2010, VA loan eligible home buyers have a big advantage buying Orange County condo’s if the project is on the VA approved list. They have an advantage over other buyers because of the recent changes for FHA and Conventional Fannie Mae guidelines as they relate to Condominium Approved projects.

FHA Recently Changed their Condo Project Approval Guidelines

The recent FHA changes to their condo project approval guidelines will have an immediate affect on Orange County buyers who are looking to purchase a condo. FHA had a list of approved projects, but recently made significant changes to the list, essentially wiping the list out. Now, projects that were previously approved will need to be “recertified”, which, at least for now, will take some time since nearly 100% of the projects on the list will need to be recertified. The certification process will take time, and is not a sure thing. At the same time, Fannie Mae has also tightened their condo lending guidelines. Conventional Fannie Mae financing is already difficult to get unless the buyer has at least a 20% down payment. On a condo, 25% down is preferred. With only 20% down on a Fannie Mae loan, a condo buyer would need excellent credit and would have an interest rate increase for having such a “small” down payment.

VA Has Not Changed their Condo Lending Guidelines and Still Has a Condo Approval List that is Valid

This is where the qualified VA buyer steps in. If the condo project is on the VA Condo Approval List, no “extra” approval is necessary, and no “recertification” is required. Up until recently, VA accepted FHA approved projects for financing. On  November 30, 2009, the VA released Circular 26-09-19 which states that they will no longer accept HUD (FHA) Approved projects, but if the projects have already made it on the VA list under the old FHA/HUD condo approval guidelines, then the project will remain on the VA list. This is key.

The first thing an Orange County VA home buyer should do is get PreQualfiied and then PreApproved for a VA loan. An Orange County Direct VA Lender can help them get their Certificate of Eligibility, but the buyer will also need to provide paystubs for the most recent 30 days, tax returns and W2’s for the most recent 2 years, and bank statements for the most recent 2 months. With the $8,000 First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit rapidly coming to an end, now is the time to act.

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