Orange County VA Loan Limits 2017

Orange County home buyers eligible for a VA loan are able to purchase a home in 2017 for up to $636,150 with $0 down. *VA loan limits vary by county and are listed below.  Although VA will, in 2017, finance up to 100% of a $636,150, it is possible to get a larger loan by coming in with some down payment. The down payment is calculated by taking 25% the difference between the purchase price and the county’s maximum 100% financing limit. For example, if a VA eligible home buyer purchases a home for $836,150, or $200,000 above Orange County’s 100% financing limit, the total down payment would be $50,000.

VA Loan Limits for Southern California for 2017

($0 Down and Up To)
County Single Family Home
Orange $                     636,150
Los Angeles $                     636,150
San Diego $                     612,950
Riverside $                     424,100
San Bernardino $                     424,100

**Updated 1/1/2017